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Welcome to the 2021-22 WSO Concert Season! After more than a year without a full audience or orchestra in the concert hall, we are thrilled to invite you to our 72nd season, Metamorphosis: From Darkness to Light. Staff has been working hard throughout the last year to bring our patrons offerings and improvements to the overall experience new to this season!

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More Ticketing Information 

After the success of last year’s online endeavors, the WSO is now officially offering a fully online ticket purchasing platform! Not only will you be able to purchase tickets and select your seats conveniently online, but Season Tickets and Pick-3 holders will also be able to claim their seats from the previous season directly in our new ticketing system!


If you are a Season Ticket or Pick-3 holder and we have your email address on file, you will receive an email late July 2021. The instructions in the email will guide you to the ticketing site and walk you through how to claim your previously held seats. If you wish to change your seats, please call the WSO Office. Season Tickets and Pick-3 tickets must be claimed before SEPTEMBER 14TH, after that date all unclaimed seats will be available for purchase to the general public.


Also note that we no longer offer “General Admission” seating. The seats that previously comprised the GA section are now Section D. The cost of these tickets HAVE NOT INCREASED but are now reserved seating rather than first-come-first-serve. We have randomly assigned seats to those that previously had General Admission tickets, if you would prefer different seats, call the WSO office.


For the upcoming season, the season ticket package includes tickets to our Holiday concert in December, but NOT to the Suffragette Symphony in March. If you want to attend only the Masterworks concerts, we recommend you go with the Pick 3 package. Suffragette Symphony tickets will be sold individually rather than as a part of the current season packages.


If you purchased tickets to the April 2020 Suffragette Symphony (either as individual, Season, or Pick 3 tickets), we will honor those tickets and seat assignments. Current ticket holders to the Suffragette Symphony will receive an email with their seat information in late July 2021. Simply follow the directions in the email to claim your tickets. If you believe you have tickets and do not receive an email, or if you need any help claiming your tickets, please call the office. Your seats will be held until December 31st, at which point all unclaimed tickets will be released for purchase by the general public. The rescheduled date of the Suffragette Symphony is March 12th, 2022, and we are so excited to finally unveil this exciting and meaningful piece to the community.         


*Please note: Masks are required for the duration of the concert, as this is a full-capacity concert. With public health services in Casper currently stretched as thin as they are and the delta variant’s continued spread, we expect our patrons to respect the safety of our staff, musicians and other patrons. After a year of little to no in person audiences, we feel very fortunate to be able to welcome you all back to the concert hall, and hope to be able to continue to do so moving forward.


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