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OCTOBER 8, 2022
John F. Welsh Auditorium
Doors open 7:00 pm,
Concert start 7:30 pm

Vocal Soloists Veronica Turner, Emily Quintana, Ryan Landis, and Jeffrey Keele

with Wyoming Chorale Arts, Casper College Choirs, Gillette Chamber Singers, Sheridan College Chamber Choir, and Casper Civic Chorale led by Dr. Zachary Vreeman


Symphony No. 9


We open our season with one of the most recognizable pieces of music ever written, Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony. The final movement of this symphony, “Ode to Joy,” is unconventional as it features four vocal soloists and a chorus, but has become one of his most popular symphonies to this day. To bring this massive symphony to life, the orchestra will be joined by choirs from throughout Wyoming including the Gillette Chamber Singers, the Sheridan College Chamber Choir, Wyoming Choral Arts, Casper Civic Chorale and Casper College Choirs, led by Casper College choral instructor Dr. Zachary Vreeman. The Ninth Symphony symbolizes the struggles of night into light, and progress against reaction, to which Beethoven dedicated his entire life and work. As such it is a fitting opening to Rise, our 73rd concert season.

Concert Program


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