“I see the WSO becoming the orchestra of WY, not only a central part of Casper but a central part of the state of Wyoming.”
-Christopher Dragon,
Music Director
For more than 70 years, the Wyoming Symphony Orchestra has been entertaining audiences from venues large and small - from concert halls to classrooms across Wyoming. None of this would be possible without the unprecedented support from people like you. 

The gifts we receive from individuals, corporate sponsors and foundation grants give us the resources to continue our work for the people of Wyoming - and for that we thank you.


The Wyoming Symphony Orchestra has one of the finest orchestras in the region with almost 70 musicians. This incredible group of talented artists is carefully selected through an audition process. Their time is not donated - and we feed and house those that travel to Casper.


What better way to participate in our 2021-2022 season than to ensure that every musician feels the love from our patrons this season. Adoption includes your name or company name in the season program.

Music Director Christopher Dragon: $2,500

Concert Master Becky Mothersbaugh: $550

Principal Musician: $275

Orchestra Musician: $125

To adopt your favorite musician contact the

WSO Office to discuss availability or click below.

Asset 1.png

Christopher Dragon, Music Director - The Ruble Family

Becky Mothersbaugh, Concertmaster

Sarah McCoy, 1st Violin/ As. Concertmaster

Jennifer DePaolo, 2nd Principal Violin - Aaron Maiers &
                                                                   Valerie Inella Maiers

Ruth Bell, Violin

Jana Hanni, Violin

Roger Hedlund, Violin

Ami Jacobs, Violin - R. Mark and Janet Owens

Lori McCormick, Violin

Ashley Schnell, Violin

Miriam Scofield, Violin

Susan Stanton, Violin

Leslie Bahn Steen, Violin

Kaylah Driskell, Violin

Leah Jensen, Violin

Gary DePaolo, Viola, Principal

Chealsea Allen, Viola

Jacki Bryan, Viola

Leslie Fox, Viola

Audrey Ortberg, Viola

Steven Rich, Viola

Sabrina Romney-Lloyd, Viola

Christine Hutchings, Cello, Principal

Debbie Bovie, Cello - Laurie Fletcher/Allan Fraser

Jeffrey Johnson, Cello

Janette Leno-Thomas, Cello - Betty Gardner

Amy Wright, Cello

Ernie Glock, Bass, Principal

Kathryn Beagle, Bass - R. Mark and Janet Owens

Marty Camino, Bass

Benjamin Hornacek, Bass

Norman Menzales, Flute, Principal

Charlotte Gruner, Flute

Beth Wasson-Haynes, Flute

Rebecca Mindock, Oboe, Principal

Lindsey Bird Reynolds, Oboe, Principal

Blake McGee, Clarinet, Principal

Kellan Toohey, Clarinet,

Copper Ferreira, Clarinet,

Richard Turner, Bassoon, Principal

Cindy Beaver, Bassoon

Katherine Smith, Horn, Principal

Zarah Mattox, Horn

Jennifer Swanson, Horn

Katie Watt, Horn

Scott Meredith, Trumpet, Principal

Don Williams, Trumpet

Daniel Watt, Trombone, Principal

Nathan Baker, Trombone

Keil Lauer, Trombone

Alan Harvey, Tuba, Principal

Ross Coons, Timpani, Principal

Ron Coulter, Percussion, Principal

Dallas Ely, Percussion

Ryan Collins, Percussion

Carolyn Deuel, Percussion - Laurie Fletcher/Allan Fraser

Kathy Williams, Piano, Principal

Jane Ann Hamman, Harp, Principal



Annual gifts from individual donors is what sustains the WSO each year. Donations, both large and small, allow for:

  • World-Renowned Guest Performances

  • Community Enrichment through
    Music on the Move

  • Community Partnerships

  • Artist Development

  • Planning for the Future

Please consider a gift today in support of the Wyoming Symphony Orchestra. Annual gifts can be made in a single payment or split out into monthly gifts that sustain the organization for the future.


Supporting the Wyoming Symphony Orchestra Endowment is one of the easiest ways to ensure the longterm success of the Orchestra. These gifts provide lasting support for the organization by growing the corpus of the WSO Endowment and provides continuous support in perpetuity.

Naming the WSO Endowment as a beneficiary in your will or trust is a simple way to support the Orchestra into the future. Bequests can be made for a certain dollar amount or a percentage of your estate. If you are interested in making a bequest to the Wyoming Symphony Orchestra, contact WSO Executive Director Rachel Bailey and discuss your plans with your attorney, financial advisor or CPA.



Corporate sponsorships are are vitally important to the WSO's continued efforts to reach a wider audience and offer quality education opportunities to Wyoming's school children.

Partnering with the WSO allows your organization to increase its exposure to an audience dedicated to the arts and creating a culture of

community in Wyoming.

We offer a wide variety of partnership opportunities, including concert sponsorships, event sponsorships, in-kind donations and educational programming sponsorships.

Contact WSO Executive Director Rachel Bailey today to discuss how your organization can get involved and how the WSO can meet your specific needs.

Special thanks to our hotel partners:


Ramkota Casper

Hilton Garden Inn



Gifts of talent are just as important as gifts of treasure. Volunteers assist the WSO at a variety of events, including:

If you are interested in volunteering for the Wyoming Symphony Orchestra contact Program & Event Manager Rebecca Hebert.




Whitney Bradley 

Father Daniel Colibraro 

Ruth Dove

Marie Henderson Trust

Dr. John and Pat Logan 

Harry and Nola Ptasynski

Gordon Sommer

Bucky and Jennifer Walker


($10,000 and above)

Dr. John and Judy Bailey

Brush Creek Lodge and Spa 

First Interstate Bank

Terry and Del Johnson

McMurry Foundation

Natrona County Recreation Joint Powers Board

Wyoming Arts Council 

Wyoming Business Council

Wyoming Community Foundation - Casper Area Affiliate

Wyoming Humanities Council


($5,000 to $9,999)

Casper Area Convention & Visitors Bureau

Cleveland H. Dodge Foundation

John P Ellbogen Foundation 

Goodstein Foundation

Dr. Mark and Caryn Dowell 

Dr. John and Pat Logan 

Bayard and Liz Rea

The Ruble Family 

Wold Foundation

Wyoming Cultural Trust Fund

Wyoming Retina Associates

Dr. Gail Zimmerman


($2,500 to $4,999)

Nanci Andrew

Jim and Sally Belcher

Bruce and Kathy Bummer

Central Wyoming Skin Clinic, Dr. Scott and Stephanie Bennion

Foss Motors

Gastroenterology Associates

Jonah Bank

Lisa Burridge and Associates 

Bruce Richardson and Susan Stanton

Timberline Hospitalities

Ramkota Hotel and Conference Center 

Williams, Porter, Day and Neville 

Wold Brothers Inc.


($1,000 to $2,499)

AMBI Mail and Marketing 

Tom Brauer and Laura Angelo  

Casper College Foundation 

Carol Chapman   

Steven and Paulette Carlson

Tom and Kathleen Creager

Rob Doane 

Michael Davis and Dr. Carol Solie

Keith and Jessica Dodson 

Marcus and Mary Doss

Dr. David and Susan Driggers

Crowley Fleck

Al Fraser and Laurie Fletcher 

Harold B. Gardner, Jr.

Dan Grace 

Hilton Garden Inn 

Dr. Doug and Susan Holmes 

Richard and Mary Hunnicutt 

Inge Kutchins

Killmer and Associates

Neil and Anne Larsen 

Ryan McConnaughey 

Dr. Albert and Margaret Metz

Todd and Tammy Milliken 

Northwestern Mutual, Ryan McIntyre 

Dave and Glenda Pullen

Scott Sissman and Kate Sarosy

Southern Wine and Spirits

Mike and Jane Sullivan

Tom and Jo Swanson 

Rick and Donna Tempest

Donald and Betty Walters 

Richard and Linda Wheeler


($500 to $999)

Joan Anderson 

Backwards Distilling Company

Nathan and Maurianne Baker

Black Hills Energy 

Tim and Lisa Burridge

Fred and Kim Devore 

Chuck and Nancy Engstrom

First State Bank 

Bill and Susan Grant

Grant Street Grocery and Market

Hayford Custom Woodwork 

The Hill Music Company

Jim and Deb Johnson 

David Laudon 

Manuel and Marilyn Lojo 

Morris and Susan Massey 

Clark McPherson and Rebecca Sedar

Michael and Ann O’Keefe

Anne Pendergast 

Christopher Reilly

Mike and Sally Sarvey

Senator Charles Scott 

Drs. Cory and Renee Stirling

Shane and JoAnn True 

Clarke and Holly Turner

Rich Wheeler

Dr. Cynthia Works and Andrew Couldridge

George Vandel


($250 to $499)

307 Metalworks 

Nick and Cindi Allington

Rachel Bailey

Amber Battista 

Bob and Alice Barnard 

Dan and Melissa Behringer

Barbara Bentzin

Gary Berchenbriter

Ben Winckler Photography

 David Blair and Jackie Hotle 

Brookside Bookkeeping Services 

Harry Durham and Mary Hogsett

Lanae Fox

Stephanie Gooden 

Thomas Grochowski

Crocker Hollis

Jerry Hou 

Richard and Mary Hunnicutt

Laura Hunter 

Marilyn Ingram

Kate Johnson 

Aaron and Valerie Maiers

Patrick and Nimi McConigley

John and Judith Meyer

Joan Mills 

Eric and Christie Nelson 

Michael Olson 

Mark and Janet Owens

Debra Park

William and Kathy Pollock

Zak and Renate Pullen 

Dennis Ridgeway and Liane Chapman

Sue Salz 

David and Dee Anne Simonson 

Jane Sizemore

Dr. Rowan and Jean Marie Tichenor 

Chris Thomas and Janette Leno Thomas

Jim and Anne Thorpen 

Art and Judi Van Rensselaer 

Tony and Jan Valdez

Cheryl VonRiesen 

Henry and Yvonne Wasserburger

Kermit and Kathleen Wille 

Charles Wilson

Wyld Gear 


($125 to $249) 

James Brown and Karen Anfang

Irma Bideau

Royce and Sandra Brown

Marty and Hillary Camino 

Fred and Beth Catchpole

Dennis & Loretta Chadderdon 

Carolyn Deuel 

Dana Deuel

Mark and Nancy Doelger 

Donna Fox 

Lindsey Grant 

Carolyn Griffith and Verba Echols

Daron and Charlotte Gruner 

Barbara Hagen 

Kathy Hayden 

Virginia Hazen 

Nada Jane

Jeanne Leske 

William and Dorothy Maiers

Chris and Judy Murray 

Dr. Tom and Victoria Radosevich

Valerie Stewart 

Mary Sutton 

Fred and Connie Taylor 

Janette Leno Thomas 

Michael and Lucy Turek

Richard Turner, Paying It Forward

Duane and Katherine Weber

Dr. Todd and Nancy Witzeling

WSO Ushers

Mark and Karen Zaback


($25 to $124) 

The Allred Brothers 

Eli Bailey and Heidi Dayhuff

Katharine Bailey

Linda Bau

Merrit and Margaret Benson

Art and Lynette Boatright 

Michael Bond and Robert Johnson 

JC and Lois Boyd 

Dennis and Lynn Brabec 

Duane and Dee Brand

David and Diane Branson

Tom and Robin Broumley

Andrew and Nicole Brown 

Gregory and Christina Brown

Kilty Brown

J.P. and Rebecca Cavigelli

Anna May Conarty

Barbara Conway 

Daniel and Jennifer Cooper

Kyle Corely 

Keith and Mary Cottam 

Andrew Elston and Sarah

Karen Ewart 

Tony and Carolyn Fox 

Pat and Ferne Freiberg 

Michael and Kristine Gaither 

Daniel and Crystal Galles

Thomas Gardner 

Dr. Aimee Gough and Katharine Allen 

John and Lauren Griffith

Kathy Haden

Margo Hansen 

Roy and India Hayford 

Anne Holman

Dustin and Rebecca Hebert 

Linda Howard 

Todd Ingram and Nicole Collier 

Jane Ifland 

Louise Innella 

Roberta Jackson 

Dr. Richard and Constance Jaouen 

Charlotte Jones

Robert Karisny 

James and Cindy King

Louis Kistler III and Linda Ryan 

Mary Kofakis 

Ronald and JoAnn Kumor

Bruce and Anne Ladd

Ryan Landon 

Dr. Tom and Shelley Landon 

George and Pam Lesino 

Lynn Lockhart 

Henri Manning

Simon Marshall 

Kimberly Mazza 

Linda Meredith 

Dr. Al and Diane Mattern 

Suzanne McCluney

Blake and Katrina McGee

Muriel McNeely 

Joshua Mietz and Veronica Turner 

Doug McLaughlin and
Beverly Mathisen

Erin Morgan 

Natrona County Library Foundation 

Dr. Cope and Elizabeth Norcross

Scott and Cyndy Novotny 

Carol Papinchak 

Mike and Kay Patchen 

Amber and Mallory Pollock

Loretta Popp 

Charles and Loraine Powell 

Daniel and Emily Quintana 

Martha Rakestraw

Tracie Rebich 

Jim and Mary Riis 

John and Jennifer Scherlin

Joe and Lois Shickich 

Helen Scott 

Hustace and Janice Scott 

Joe and Lois Shickich 

Neil Short and Linda Nix 

Sarah Siems 

Milward and Amy Simpson 

Karen Sloan

Shannon Smith 

Roger and Marilee Storm 

Mary Sutton

Lynne Swank 

Judith Trohkimoinen 

Eric and Gayle Unruh

Mary Weber

Lon Whitman 

Jo Zagar


In Memory of Laverne Barnes -

Ron and Mary Anne Barnes 

In Memory of Alex Efimoff

Dale Bohren and Susan Anderson

Mike and Jane Sullivan

In Memory of Richard Hunnicutt

Mary Hunnicutt

In Memory of Elizabeth Rea

Jim & Sally Belcher

The above levels include cash, in-kind contributions, income from WSO events and grant awards. Please accept our apology if the above information is inaccurate. 

To update your information, call 307-266-1478.